What You Should Know About Weed Dispensaries

It’s good to know a few things before you decide to consume marijuana in Alberta. Similar to other provinces of Canada, weed is legal for medical purposes only. For weed to be availed to you on this basis, a prescription from a licensed doctor is required. Such medical conditions that are treated by marijuana include Arthritis, Muscle Spasms, Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Cancer, Back Aches, Inflammation, Migraine, HIV/AIDS, Glaucoma, Hepatitis C and more.

There is a law that is in the process of being enacted to legalize marijuana in Canada. Until then, it is important to know that recreational weed in Alberta remains illegal. There a controversy though that as much as weed is permitted for medical purposes only, it still ends up being used for recreational purposes. By the year 2018 July, it is expected that Canada will fully legalize weed. This will be the second nation on the planet to do so.

Weed dispensary

A medical weed dispensary refers to a place permitted to sell legal medical marijuana or medical cannabis, as long as the buyer is eligible to use the drug strictly for medicinal conditions.

In Alberta, weed dispensary is a unique part of the weed business. The weed dispensary business operate in the ‘grey area’ since it’s a prohibited business in Canada. Nevertheless, the government of Canada is in no rush to shut them down.

Where to Buy Weed in Alberta?

There are quite a number of Alberta dispensaries which are operating online. This simplifies the transactions and the time consuming processes since you are able to purchase weed online via the weed dispensaries websites .Once you have ordered and made payment, the package is then delivered to your doorsteps or your address of choice in a number of days.

On average weed prices vary from $7 to $45 per gram. The price and varieties will vary from one dispensary to the other. The weed has an endless amount of different strains for all medical conditions ranging from strong Indicas to strong Sativas. Weed is usually packaged in form of dried/fresh marijuana, oils, pills or edibles.

Some of these dispensaries are selling recreational weed since they are not so keen on asking for doctor’s prescription. Here is a list of Alberta dispensaries amongst many that may come in handy in case you wish to purchase weed.

Once marijuana is legalized in Alberta, the upper limit of public weed possession will be set at 30 grams. There will be no limit for private possession. It is also expected the prices will be set to avoid black market. Once the legalization takes effect there will be more changes in how the business of Alberta dispensaries will be conducted. Meanwhile, all we can do now is wait, wait and keep waiting for that freedom of recreational marijuana being legal in Canada.