Getting a Chiropractic Adjustment in Bellvue

As many as 100 million Americans are coping with some form of chronic pain. According to the most recent statistics from the National Institute of Health, 27% of those suffering from chronic pain name low back pain as the source of their pain. Back pain is the leading cause of disability for Americans under age 45.

People with chronic back pain are less active across the spectrum and are more likely to be in poor physical and mental health. It’s a widespread epidemic. As many as 26 million Americans under the age of 64 are living with chronic back pain. If you are one of the millions struggling through life with back pain, you are not alone. There is no reason to suffer silently when there is effective pain relief available.

With the wide array of treatments out there, do not discount the tried and true therapeutic value of chiropractic care. It has been a viable treatment option for multiple generations, and there is a reason patients frequent them still today, in spite of advances in medicine: it works! Chiropractors get consistently high ratings from Americans who visit them to seek relief from chronic back pain. If you are near the east side of Seattle and are looking for the best Bellevue chiropractor, Wellness One Chiropractic awaits you.

Wellness One offers a wide variety of services, including: Spinal Adjustments; Massage Therapy; Manual Therapy; Exercise Instruction; Postural Assessment and Education; Spinal Axial Decompression (both Cervical and Lumbar); and General Nutritional Education.

With so many amazing services to provide pain relief, your search for help is over. Wellness One is the only Bellevue chiropractor you will ever need! Don’t sit idly by another minute in agony and frustration. Pick up the phone and schedule your initial consultation and chiropractic assessment today.