The Many Benefits of a Medical Consultation by Phone

In today’s fast paced world, a medical consultation by phone with a licensed doctor offers plenty of benefits. Available 24/7, you can talk to a doctor on the phone any day of the year, including those days your own doctor’s office is closed. Here’s a look at some of the top advantages associated with using a telemedicine provider.


First, consider this fact. As many as 70 percent of doctor visits could be handled over the phone [1]. This means that instead of leaving work, rushing to get to your appointment on time, and playing on your phone in the waiting room, you could stay where you are and continue on with your daily life, while still getting to consult with a doctor.

In addition, being able to talk to a doctor by phone is ideal when an illness strikes in the middle of the night or when you realize that you have a significant question about your new medicine or pre-op/ postop instructions on a Saturday night. It is also ideal for new parents who have questions, but don’t necessarily want to take their baby out in public to get an answer. Of course, medical consultations by phone are also incredibly convenient for anyone who lives in a rural area and can’t easily get to a doctor’s office.

Eliminates the Risk of Picking Up a New Illness

Let’s face it. There is no better place to pick up a cold, the flu, or some other type of infection than a waiting room filled with sick people. From the magazines to the door handles, they are just a breeding ground for germs. Fortunately, when you talk to a doctor on the phone, there’s no waiting room to worry about.

Answers to all Your Health Related Questions

There are times when you have a question that you really want the answer to, but don’t necessarily want to go your doctor’s office (or the emergency room) for an answer. For example, when you are bit by a tick while out on a nature walk or when an illness strikes out of nowhere, such as a stomach virus. Being able to call and speak with a licensed doctor allows you to get the answer to these important questions.

One-on-One Attention Without Interruptions

Unfortunately, doctor’s offices, urgent care centers, and emergency rooms are incredibly busy places, which is why it is not unusual to hear a knock at the door while the doctor is in with you. When you speak to a doctor on the phone, the doctor’s attention is completely on you and your health concerns. You don’t have to worry about interruptions or the doctor rushing through your consultation to get to another patient.

There are numerous other benefits associated with telemedicine, which you will quickly see for yourself after your first “visit.”