Great doctor for Ear, Nose and Throat Troubles

Health comes with no guarantees. We would like to be healthy all the time, but we all get sick and have to go to the doctor. If you have a complaint involving the ear, nose, or throat, it may be time to schedule an appointment with Becker ENT. They are the top specialists in the ear, nose, and throat field.

Becker ENT can diagnose and treat a host of illnesses and disorders. One of the most common complaints the physicians treat is ear pain from ear infections. Ear infections can occur in the inner, middle, and outer ear. An antibiotic is commonly prescribed to clear up the infection. While ear infections occasionally will clear up on their own, it’s not a good idea to put off going to the doctor. Eventually, prolonged infections will cause long-term hearing damage.

If you suspect you may have an ear infection or another illness related to the ear, nose, throat, face, or neck, call Becker ENT to schedule an appointment today.

The Many Benefits of a Medical Consultation by Phone

In today’s fast paced world, a medical consultation by phone with a licensed doctor offers plenty of benefits. Available 24/7, you can talk to a doctor on the phone any day of the year, including those days your own doctor’s office is closed. Here’s a look at some of the top advantages associated with using a telemedicine provider.


First, consider this fact. As many as 70 percent of doctor visits could be handled over the phone [1]. This means that instead of leaving work, rushing to get to your appointment on time, and playing on your phone in the waiting room, you could stay where you are and continue on with your daily life, while still getting to consult with a doctor.

In addition, being able to talk to a doctor by phone is ideal when an illness strikes in the middle of the night or when you realize that you have a significant question about your new medicine or pre-op/ postop instructions on a Saturday night. It is also ideal for new parents who have questions, but don’t necessarily want to take their baby out in public to get an answer. Of course, medical consultations by phone are also incredibly convenient for anyone who lives in a rural area and can’t easily get to a doctor’s office.

Eliminates the Risk of Picking Up a New Illness

Let’s face it. There is no better place to pick up a cold, the flu, or some other type of infection than a waiting room filled with sick people. From the magazines to the door handles, they are just a breeding ground for germs. Fortunately, when you talk to a doctor on the phone, there’s no waiting room to worry about.

Answers to all Your Health Related Questions

There are times when you have a question that you really want the answer to, but don’t necessarily want to go your doctor’s office (or the emergency room) for an answer. For example, when you are bit by a tick while out on a nature walk or when an illness strikes out of nowhere, such as a stomach virus. Being able to call and speak with a licensed doctor allows you to get the answer to these important questions.

One-on-One Attention Without Interruptions

Unfortunately, doctor’s offices, urgent care centers, and emergency rooms are incredibly busy places, which is why it is not unusual to hear a knock at the door while the doctor is in with you. When you speak to a doctor on the phone, the doctor’s attention is completely on you and your health concerns. You don’t have to worry about interruptions or the doctor rushing through your consultation to get to another patient.

There are numerous other benefits associated with telemedicine, which you will quickly see for yourself after your first “visit.”

Getting a Chiropractic Adjustment in Bellvue

As many as 100 million Americans are coping with some form of chronic pain. According to the most recent statistics from the National Institute of Health, 27% of those suffering from chronic pain name low back pain as the source of their pain. Back pain is the leading cause of disability for Americans under age 45.

People with chronic back pain are less active across the spectrum and are more likely to be in poor physical and mental health. It’s a widespread epidemic. As many as 26 million Americans under the age of 64 are living with chronic back pain. If you are one of the millions struggling through life with back pain, you are not alone. There is no reason to suffer silently when there is effective pain relief available.

With the wide array of treatments out there, do not discount the tried and true therapeutic value of chiropractic care. It has been a viable treatment option for multiple generations, and there is a reason patients frequent them still today, in spite of advances in medicine: it works! Chiropractors get consistently high ratings from Americans who visit them to seek relief from chronic back pain. If you are near the east side of Seattle and are looking for the best Bellevue chiropractor, Wellness One Chiropractic awaits you.

Wellness One offers a wide variety of services, including: Spinal Adjustments; Massage Therapy; Manual Therapy; Exercise Instruction; Postural Assessment and Education; Spinal Axial Decompression (both Cervical and Lumbar); and General Nutritional Education.

With so many amazing services to provide pain relief, your search for help is over. Wellness One is the only Bellevue chiropractor you will ever need! Don’t sit idly by another minute in agony and frustration. Pick up the phone and schedule your initial consultation and chiropractic assessment today.

thyroid issues

Correcting Thyroid Issues

When the thyroid system does not function properly, a condition known as Hyperthyroidism occurs. In the simplest terms, Hyperthyroidism occurs when the thyroid gland does not produce the proper amount of hormones needed to aid in heart and digestive function, metabolism, brain development, bone health and muscle control. Thyroid problems can cause severe weight gain and fluctuations as well that are hard on the body.

Synthroid, generically known as Levothyroxine sodium, is a synthetic drug that is specially formulated for patients to treat the condition of Hyperthyroidism. This potentially serious, but treatable condition, can be caused by a variety of triggers, including exposure to radiations, removal during surgery, or a functional T4 deficiency. Hyperthyroidism can also occur naturally.

Thyroxine is a natural hormone that the thyroid gland secretes into the bloodstream. It travels to the heart and kidneys, as well as every single vital organ within the human body. Thyroxine is instrumental to all bodily functions, directly or indirectly, and too much or too little of this hormone can cause a variety of health complications.

When the body’s system is creating too much Thyroxine, it causes a condition known as thyrotoxicosis. This causes swelling of the neck, also known as a goiter, and it is due to an enlarged thyroid gland. Thyrotoxicosis can causes menstrual difficulties and irregularities, an increase or disruption in normal bowel movements, weight loss that can be severe, heat intolerance, tiredness or fatigue, and mood irritability.

The converse of Thyrotoxicosis is Hyperthyroidism, which occurs when too little Thyroxine is produced, causing the body to work harder.  If an individual is young, low thyroxine levels can impede physical growth and development. For adults, a deficiency of thyroxine lowers the metabolic rate, and it can cause weight gain, problems with memory, infertility, tiredness and fatigue, and muscle stiffness.

Levothyroxine is designed and tailored to treat patients who suffer from Hyperthyroidism. You have likely heard of replacement hormones, and that is precisely what Levothyroxine is. It is a replacement hormone that aids in the body’s deficiency of Thyroxine.

While Levothyroxine will cause those who suffer from Hyperthyroidism to lose the weight they gained due to a malfunctioning thyroid gland, it is never to be used for weight loss alone. In fact, the misuse of Levothyroxine can be quite dangerous. A doctor must always be overseeing its use, prescribing it specifically for the condition of Hyperthyroidism.

Synthroid is a synthetic version of Levothyroxine Sodium, specially formulated to treat Hyperthyroidism. Many in this day and age are suspicious of synthetic drugs that are created to mimic naturally occurring chemicals, but synthetic drugs are often much safer and more precisely formulated by doctors for human beings.

When taken properly, under the proper supervision and instruction of a physician, the synthetic drug Synthroid can manage the serious problems associated with Hyperthyroidism. It can give a patient his or her life back, returning their weight and bodily functions to normal, allowing them to lead healthier, fuller lives.

If you suffer from symptoms that mimic Hyperthyroidism, or if you have already been diagnosed with this condition, make an appointment with your general practitioner or thyroid specialist. Talk to your doctor about how Synthroid can improve your life and get you healthy again.

surgeon finder

What is Making People More Careful When Choosing Surgeons?

Medical Malpractice litigation is a booming business in the U.S. for good reason. Even with the amazing advances in medicine, surgery in particular carries many risks. Anesthesia is often the riskiest part of a procedure, though we think little of it. An anesthesiologist gives a patients drugs that, at the right dose, will keep them safely asleep and out of pain for a procedure; but with even the slightest error in dosage, those same drugs are deadly. While surgery may be safer today than it has ever been before statistically, it is dire that the physicians treating you be properly licensed, skilled, and experienced.

New York state has the highest medical malpractice payout per capita in the entire United States. The people living in New York ought to be concerned about why that is. It is especially vital that all surgical candidates living in New York do their research. There are many ways one can go about finding a good doctor: ask friends and family for a recommendation; inquire with a health insurance provider; interview a potential surgeon; get a second opinion; and run the doctor’s name past the state medical license board, where you can see if they have lost malpractice suits.

If you do live in New York, in spite of this medical malpractice epidemic, you are in luck. A simple way to begin your search for the right surgeon is at General Surgeon Finder New York. There, you will find a simple-to-navigate directory right at your fingertips. If you live in Manhattan, which is like a world unto itself, you can begin at General Surgeon Finder Manhattan, which will take you directly to the surgeons in your immediate area.

The decision to have surgery is yours, and you want to make the best-informed decision possible. It is your life, and surgery is a matter of life and death.

ibs remedies

Solutions for Dealing with IBS

Irritable bowel syndrome is an uncomfortable position. A person that suffers from IBS can have feelings of bloating, pain, diarrhea, or constipation. This condition can also lead to fatigue and trouble sleeping. There are some natural remedies for IBS to help ease the symptoms of this condition.


Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil can help relieve the symptoms that are related to IBS. This oil can help people that have constipation or diarrhea. Peppermint oil is gentle on the stomach and is relatively inexpensive.



Probiotics can be found in certain foods especially yogurt. These organisms will help bring natural bacteria into the gut and restore the balance in the body. This bacteria will also help the immune system become stronger. There are over 400 different types of microorganism that are found in the digestive track and it is important that we keep everything in balance. People that increase their intake of these healthy bacteria has a reduction in the pain they felt as well as a reduction in bloating and bowel movement problems.



Stress is one of the worst things for a person’s health. Stress can play a role in the onset of symptoms for irritable bowel syndrome for many people. If a person is feeling a great deal of stress in their life they may notice that their symptoms are worse. A person should use relaxation techniques and other methods to reduce the amount of stress they feel.

These are just some of the natural remedies to help reduce the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. This can be a painful condition and there are some things a person can do to control it.


Additional information can be found at

chiropractic adjustment

Finding the Best Chiropractor

Chiropractors are known to manage back pain through specific spine manipulation to achieve results. Most back pains and especially the lower back pains are caused by many factors and not necessarily injuries. For back pain that has not be properly identified, chiropractic care is the best way to help healing. For back pain that is caused by injuries, chiropractic care can also be used through a process known as subluxation and spine adjustment. To locate a chiropractor near you visit

Pain management is a common specialty for many chiropractors. Chiropractic care is used to manage all types of pain including headaches and shoulder pain. It is believed that the spine is the center of all the nerves that are responsible for pain. Spine manipulation helps in relaxing nerves that are responsible for pain and this helps in reducing pain. After few chiropractic visits, most of the long term pain is reduced. To find a chiropractor visit



Are Nose Jobs A Prerequisite For Celebrities?

Is it so really bad to want to change the way you look? What if
you look in the mirror and you are really not happy with the reflection staring
back at you? What if that “problem” or your big nostril could be taken care of, like a nose job? While
some might tell me it is vain to want to change my nose, I really want to look
my best and feel good about how I look. After all, many celebrities have had
nose jobs. Why is my face less important?

Hollywood stars often get their parts based on their looks. We see
them as larger than life and twice as beautiful. That does not mean they get up
in the morning and love their looks. Often, it is just the opposite and staring
back at them is their nose. Rhinoplasty or nose surgery is a way to
dramatically change or improve one’s look. Take Kim Kardashian for example.

There is no doubt Kim Kardashian is a beautiful woman. If you look
closely, from 2006 to 2013 there was a noticeable difference in her nose. It
was thinner and a lot more refined. Her nose was not “fat” to start
with, but over the years she has had her nose was definitely refined. Other
surgeries you may not have known about here were her cheek implants, botox eyebrow
lifts and plumper lips. So maybe that all sounds a bit excessive, but it works
and from her perspective it makes her even more beautiful. Her face is more
angular and distinctive. Kim isn’t telling all that she has had done though.
Would you, if you were in her position?

She did have Rhinoplasty and other facial augmentations. She had
the stretch marks lasered out of her breasts. She is rumored to have had liposuction
from her legs to use the fat to be implanted into her butt. It was also rumored
that her skin has been scraped and lasered for a smoother look.

The one surgery that seemed to have paid off the most for Kim was
her nose job. It has changed her appearance in a positive way. Kim and her
surgeon have obviously worked well together and hopefully when she wakes up in
the morning and looks in the mirror, she will love the face that looks


Finding an Audiologists for Hearing Problems

Some people work in exceptionally noisy work environments and they are required to wear hearing protection while they are performing their jobs. From working in jobs in manufacturing to shipping packages from one destination to another, there are jobs that’s inherently noisy all of the time. Because this is the case, people should make sure that they have their hearing tested on a regular basis. Which means, they should make an appointment with audiologists to ensure that they do compromise their hearing at anytime.

The role that the audiologist plays is essential to those who work in loud environments as well as anyone who may feel that they are experiencing any type of hearing problem. For instance, sometimes people suffer with loud ringing in their ears from time to time and will need to be tested for minor to major problems like tinnitus. Regardless to the type of problem that an individual experiences, they should look online to see if they can find an audiologists in their immediate or surrounding area.


With this said, for those who live in the Fort Wayne area in Indianapolis, they can search online for the best audiologists, especially if they do not have a specialist that they see on an annual basis. Or, they may choose to talk to a friend or family member that can refer them to a Fort Wayne audiologist that does exceptional work for their patients. In either case, the individual can look online in an audiologist directory site to find a specialist that services their specific area.


Randol Family Dentistry: A Lake Oswego Dentist

As a Lake Oswego dentist, Dr. Ryan Randol is proud to have the gift, ability and opportunity to change patients’ lives through healthier smiles. Dedicated to providing the finest dental care to the members, Dr. Randol feels blessed by the staff that works hard to keep the office running smoothly while also making people afford a beautiful smile all day. Randol Family Dentistry works hard to make you feel at ease by providing exceptional patient care in a relaxed, convenient atmosphere. As a result, you get a beautiful, healthy smile that lasts a lifetime.

As a family dental practice, we are devoted to making sure you and your family is taken care of. Your safety and comfort are of the utmost importance to us. We strive to improve the overall health of our patients by focusing on preventing, diagnosing and treating conditions associated with your teeth and gums. Optimizing oral hygiene leads to heightened self-confidence. Make the wise decision and let your professional dentist Lake Oswego take care of your oral health.